Nutella Cookies

I’ve lost the pictures! I took some photos of these delicious cookies but i’ve gone and misplaced them…. You’ll have to use your imagination.

These are seriously the best cookies ever. And when I say ever, I mean ever. The comments I got for these were ridiculous! We had builders in the house, and all 3 walked through and I offered them one of these…

1. These are the best cookies I have ever tasted

2. I hope these make you famous one day

3. Delicious, I can’t even…

I then took some to my youth group where 3 people asked for the recipes

1. These cookies are better than Millies Cookies

2. You are the best person on earth

In a nutshell, everyone loved these! I found out about them on– fantastic blog and check it out!

The recipe is on


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19year old A level student, currently studying and baking in Ascot.

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