White chocolate and Strawberry Trifle

Trifle never did it for me. I really hate the combination of cold custard and jelly and soggy sponge. which is what most trifles consist of. However, this  trifle is YUMMY. Strawberries, white chocolate, crumbled amaretti biscuits and amaretto soaked sponge, sandwiched between vanilla whipped cream. Everyone loves this dessert and it looks really impressive with the strawberries pressed against the glass.  I made mine in small glasses and sundae glasses, but the recipe suggests a large bowl. I would have used ours but unfortunately I managed to break it getting it out of the cupboard; and it was my mum and dads wedding present… oops!

The recipe is by Lorraine Pascale at:http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/my_big_fat_tipsy_trifle_16006